About us

Our Mission

"Our mission is to create great achievers by providing the users an unmatched experience of top quality mock tests, experts guidance, increased technical competency with our immaculately designed interface & Analytics, Both put together helping them unveil their magnanimous hidden potential"

Our Vision

"To come up with a virtual guidance systems which will make students study & prepare for exams in a ‘right way’ and hence, get high chances of getting through the exams. To ensure our domain knowledge of Banking Examinations, Detailed – Analytics & the changing trends of the Industry will help other Banks to scrutinize candidates using our Infrastructure & complete Test-Eco System."

About Us

Test-Tantra is a online test module for competitive examinations. Specially designed for performance enhancement of candidates namely for Banking Exams / Staff selection exams to start with. It does not limit itself to mock tests, but we also walk extra mile by providing study plan, and skill building aid’s. Collective efforts and massive experience in the field of IT, banking sector, economics and assumingly much of Cyberspace garnered/led this avant-garde team to co-found this site for students.

Why Us

Predictive Questions

Important Questions, Weightage of certain Topics for the respective examinations & Designing the Test Exams in a way which covers all 3 types of Difficulty Levels - Easy, Moderate & Tough is what we have assured while designing examination paper model for you.

Real Test Environment

2 Hours of your Time while attempting the examination decides your destiny ! Hence, Practicing in the same environment which is similar to Prelims / Main Examinations is most important. That is where Test-Tantra's real like Test Environments helps you to be accustomed with while you start practicing more and more..

Time Management

We provide Time Scale Analysis with respect to Performance Improvements of your own in the Examinations of your choice. This will help to judge your direction of preparation while managing your time spent to study, focus & improve upon your weak areas while strengthening your thrust areas.

Study Plan

For the excellence package users, this comes as a part of the service offered by us for them to strategize their 'Approach' towards dealing with a particular Examination & deciding what's right direction. Counseling will also be taken under the same to clear their doubts on certain topics or sections of the Exams.

Cherry on the Ice Cream - Our Analytics

While attempting a question; right from reading, Interpreting, selecting the shortest way to arrive on answer and submitting it requires couple of seconds & we may not be accurate in some cases, even after ensuring all this. Hence, Test-Tantra's Industry Standard Analytics works to give you a very detail report based on the metrics of Speed, Time & Accuracy. This mirror facing will help you to gauge your Strong & Weak areas and hence, act upon them to win over it.